The Pooh Pages

Pooh began his adventures in Stratford on the Avon where he was purchased from the English Teddy Bear Company. He made his way on his first train ride from Flitwick to London - a little nervous, but excited to be on his way!

Pooh's first stop in his home country of England was Stonehenge. He was quite impressed with the effort involved in the construction of this ancient site - he said they must've eaten a lot of honey while making it.

Next we were off to the famous Roman Baths. It was bit sticky (according to Pooh), but there was plenty of beautiful architecture to take our minds off the humidity.

After this jaunt in the country, Pooh relaxed with a traditional cup o' tea at Harrod's ( he thought the clotted cream was lovely)

London is a very exciting place. Here, Pooh visits the London Dungeon - an interactive trip through the darker side of England's history. Look out for that axe!!!!

Pooh wrapped up his trip with a stop at The Globe, favorite hangout of Sherlock Holmes. Pooh chatted with his friend, Joanna, wondering where they might go next (looking for honey, of course).