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"It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end."
-Ursula K. LeGuin
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Vacation Pictures
  (September, 2007) Another BRT takes our heroines from Waco to Kountze to Jefferson in our "you're where?!?!" in Texas tour.
  (July, 2006) Texas to New Jersey and back, visitng family and seeing a real, live "over there bear."
  (September, 2005) BRT (Becky's Road Trip) from sandboarding in Monahans to ghost towns to bat watching in Fredericksburg, what kind of trouble can two girls get into?
   (December 2000-January 2001) Over a week in London for a wedding. We saw the Tower of London, Big Ben, StoneHenge, and castles. The sights were great and the people even better. It's a good thing they don't make clotted cream here (it's too good - I'd weigh a ton if I could get it)!
   (February 1999) A 2 week trip to Austria and Germany. We drove the autobahn to see castles and ski the Alps. And, despite avalanches, airline strikes, sickness, and snow, a good time was had by all. I can't wait to go back!
   (December, 1998) A 1 week trip to Beijing China. This incredible city has layers of history and modernity piled on top of each other until they meld in the most interesting and unexpected ways. I climbed to the top of the Great Wall, haggled with vendors in silk alley and tried to understand a culture far different from my own. An excellent adventure all around!
   (August, 1998) A 2 week cross-country drive from Dallas, TX to Vancouver, BC. I went kayaking with the whales in the Johnson strait, rode a mule into the Grand Canyon, and went caving in Spider Cave at Carlsbad Caverns. I had a terrific time - solo travel can be a lot of fun, especially when you are camping!