Rebecca Matson Sukach Baker
Plano, TX
United States


December 2010 to Present
Manager, Product Design
CA, Plano, Texas.

December 2003 to Present
Senior Usability Engineer
CA, Plano, Texas.

February 1994 to December 2003
Documentation Project Manager, Technical Writing Manager, Technical Writer
Computer Associates International, Plano, Texas.


Training and Support Writing Development Management

November 1993 to March 1994
Technical/Marketing Writer
TankMaster, Houston, Texas.

July 1992 to December 1993
Research Assistant
Space Vacuum Epitaxy Center, University of Houston, Houston, Texas.

June 1991 to December 1992
Assistant Manager
Cineplex Odeon Spectrum 9, Houston, Texas.


January 2007-December 2009
Tea in Texas

Contributed regular articles to the Tea in Texas magazine. Performed all research and editing for articles.

January 2006-December 2008
Newsletter Editor
Dallas Paleontological Society

Gathered articles, collated, edited, storyboarded, published, and distributed newsletter to membership of over 200, in both paper and electronic format. Researched and provided innovative methods of production and distribution, creating significant savings for the organization. Introduced methods of electronic production and distribution. Documented new methodologies and trained replacement for following year.

May 2004-June 2007
Texas TeaMap Coordinator
Adagio TeaMap

Moderated questions for the Texas area tea rooms. Provided frequent reviews of tea rooms and answered questions for tea enthusiasts visting the state.

March 2003, February - March 2004
Iimage Retrieval and nextScan, Carrollton, Texas.

Researched, reviewed, and created documentation for Fusion scanning software. Created and reviewed service guide for the Eclipse scanner.

December 2004-December 2007
Listserv Moderator Host (volunteer position)
ASIST SIG Information Generation and Publication

Maintained and moderated listserv postings.

May 1999-January 2000
Writer/Pod Host
Tripod Writers' Block Online Community

Groomed, maintained, and moderated message board, pod community page list, and chat room discussions. Researched, designed, solicited submissions, edited, and created monthly newsletter for distribution to Writer's Block pod community.

June 1998, March-May 1999
Aurion Technologies, a subdivision of Aurora Natural Gas, Dallas, Texas

Researched, reviewed, and created documentation for Enerview product. Outlined approach and trained entry-level writer to create Elvis product documentation. Edited Elvis product documentation.

March 1996, March 1997
Net-Com Image Inc., Friendswood, Texas.

Researched, reviewed, created, and maintained online help for Windows NT testing product. Created graphics for use with the product. Edited database questions.

October 1995 to February 1996
TSR Inc., Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.
Edited, reviewed, storyboarded, and revised 64 page game master’s guide and 32 page player’s guide for Forgotten Realms project. Provided additional story line, where necessary. Provided art descriptions. Verified and corrected game statistics.


Bachelor of Science - Physics, Minor - Math

One and a half years graduate classes and research University of Houston, University Park - Graduated May 1991

Currently enrolled as a PhD candidate in the Information Science program at the University of North Texas.

During my years at the University of Houston, I worked as a lab assistant at both the Space Vacuum Epitaxy Center (SVEC) and at the Streamer Chamber Assembly Research Facility (SCARF). I revised and corrected English papers, essays, and technical theses. I helped found the Science Fiction/Fantasy Guild (SFFG) and organized activities and fundraising events for the group. I edited, published, and distributed the Purple Podium, a newsletter for the SFFG that contained short stories, chronicles, original artwork, and book and movie reviews. During the summer, I tutored special problems children in math, science, and English. I helped them develop motivational programs for themselves to learn required subjects more easily.

Since graduation, I have written numerous short stories and game modules for private enjoyment. I have authored a complete role playing game system (Masker’s Cursed), including game modules and short stories. I have created and hosted four interactive murder mystery dinner parties.


Available upon request.



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Fiction and Articles

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Pending - System and Method for Information Encapsulation for Providing Multiple Document Formats from One Information Source